Single Family Homes for Sale in the Midwest
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These single family investment properties are currently available in St. Louis, Kansas City, Toledo and Columbus. Start putting your money to work for you today:

  • Great Cash Flow - Earn a 22% cash return on your investment in the first year of the investment – while your tenants are paying your mortgage
  • Low Money Down - Only $14K required to start building your real estate portfolio
  • Easy Management - Homes are already rented and have local property managers in place – they do all the work required in managing the property
  • High Projected Returns – Earn a 110% Return on Investment in 5 years and a 36% projected annual return over a long-term holding period
  • Strong Rental Locations- Excellent local demographics in good areas of the Midwest

How to Get Started?


Take advantage of today’s historically low interest rates with 25% down financing available to qualified buyers. The rate as of July 2010 was 6.00% for a 30-year fixed. Please contact John Charlton, a local Mortgage Advisor, at 314.744.7851, for more information and to get qualified.

Detailed Investment Packages of Available Deals

You can get a full inventory list of available properties:   Inventory List

For serious investors only. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. The investments are owned and operated by Paragon, a private equity real estate investment firm.



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Sample Deal

2813 Old Hanley Rd.,
St. Louis, MO 63114

Sales Price (USD) $53,500
Bedrooms 3
Baths 1.5
Square Feet 1,152
Price/Sq Ft $46
Rental Analysis
Rental Income $775
Management Fee $(93)
Property Insurance $(45)
Property Tax $(82)
Monthly Income $555
Annual Income $6,664
Net Rental Yield 12.5

This example does not take financing into account.